3-Month Marketing Transformation Package

Three months worth of content and social media strategy made for Realtors. Purchase this package if you want to manage YOUR OWN marketing at your pace. Includes weekly prompts, social posting guide, and inspirational ideas to jump start your marketing and get you on the right track.


  • 36 content prompts for Realtors (3 months: 3 prompts/pr week)—added bonus includes ideas on how you can use the content.

  • 90+ social calendar reminders

  • 100+ Notion pages, a free digital planner

  • Weekly social strategy—what platforms to post each week

  • Social Media platform pages-best practices

  • Planning Hub-Compile your ideas

  • Best days and times to post on social media for each platform

  • Mobile App accessible
  • Client-centric marketing framework

Maximize your audience reach through multiple platforms by knowing what to say and when to say it! Your instant download allows you to begin creating right away! Strategically crafted to inspire your content and grow your business.


Client-Centric Hook Prompts


Social Media Calendar Reminders


Notion Pages—A free digital planner

The Juniper Creative Content Creation

Step 1: Download your PDF & Notion app

How this Download works:

Your 3-month guide contains 3 hook prompts per week with supporting ideas to spark your creativity. That way, you don’t need to start from a big empty canvas. Instant download allows you to begin creating right away.

The Juniper Creative Content Creation

Keep your content at your fingertips with the Notion mobile app

What you get:

You’re provided with the following each week for 3 months:

  • Content of the week containing 3 hook prompts
  • A social strategy on which platform to post and how to use those hook prompts
  • Best day & times you should consider posting on each platform
  • A calendar template on what days to consider posting your content

  • Notion template included- a free digital planner

  • Multiple inspirational ideas to guide your creativity for using your prompts

The Juniper Creative Content Creation
The Juniper Creative strategy hub

Strategic posting increases views & engagement

Social Strategy

Know what to say and when to say it on each social media platform. A strong social strategy maximizes your reach to grow your audience.

  • Suggested Hashtags

  • Social tactics: Nurture, transactional, attract, etc.

  • Multiple social media platform suggestions

  • Guides on how to schedule your posts

  • Organized content library

  • Calendar guide on which platform to use on certain days!

Need Help?

Focus on your business while I focus on your marketing.

Achieve your goals
with a System that works

If you want to start achieving your social media goals for your business, I recommend starting with your system first. If you have a strong social media system in place, it’s easier to maintain positive habits to ultimately grow your audience organically. As you follow the content prompts, you will start to learn how the marketing framework works that’s been used for centuries; the power of story engages your audience, so you can guide them to success.

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