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Our Managed Marketing Packages are tailored to meet the specific needs of your business, as different businesses will focus on different social media platforms based on their target audience. Our plans grow with you based on your comprehensive marketing goals.

Managed Marketing Includes 3 focus areas.
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Full-Service Marketing Includes:

The Juniper creative social media analytics

Your Monthly Analytics

At the end of each month, we provide a comprehensive analysis of your social media analytics performance. This report includes data on growth, top performing videos and social platforms, and leads generated. By evaluating this data, we can identify opportunities for improvement and tailor your marketing strategy to better meet the needs and preferences of your audience.

  • Drive potential clients to your website

  • Increase Social Media engagement

  • Real-time strategy adjustments

Film Content

I offer flexible meeting schedules for my clients, ranging from weekly to monthly intervals. As a marketing professional, I provide a range of services including the creation of marketing materials, video production, editing, and social media publishing. My goal is to help my clients effectively promote their business through these various channels.

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My Qualifications

My marketing journey started by earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in advertising from Texas Tech University and building my career working for small businesses, freelance, and large corporate marketing. With my knowledge as a digital & social strategist, I was able to grow my own social media following to 90,000 followers on TikTok by using simple organic marketing tactics.


To ensure that our content stays current and on-brand, we make real-time adjustments to keep up with the latest social media trends.


Organization & strong communication from the moment we start working together.


From the start of our partnership, you can expect organized and clear communication.

Your success is our success.


My strategies are designed to maximize your online presence and reach your target audience, ultimately leading to higher conversions.

Turn followers into clients.

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